Integrated Business Management

Integrated Business Management


Experience the Future of Business Management

ENNTAR offers a complete ecosystem for your B2B & B2C operations, empowering your business to thrive in a dynamic market. Discover the potential of a feature-rich platform that optimizes workflows, simplifies automations, and puts you in control of your business growth. With ENTTAR, experience seamless integration, enhanced productivity, and elevated customer satisfaction, transforming your business for a brighter future.

  • LEAN - Specifically tailored for lean staff environments, reducing overheads while incorporating robust workflow optimizations.
  • GROWTH - By automating repetitive tasks, ENTTAR empowers staff to focus on business growth.
  • INTEGRATION - ENTTAR integrates essential features to comprehensively manage your business within a single platform.
  • ONE ECOSYSTEM - Encompasses ERP, CRM, WMS, CMS, Marketing, and General Accounting, forming a complete ecosystem for B2B & B2C operations.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline your business processes with ENTTAR's comprehensive ERP system. From placing purchase orders to tracking shipments and managing inventory, our integrated reporting tools provide real-time insights into sales frequency and production times, empowering you with better stock control and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Customer Relationship Management

Build strong customer relationships with ENTTAR's CRM solution. Centralize customer data, manage leads, and nurture prospects to convert them into loyal customers. With automated communication, personalized follow-ups, and insightful analytics, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive higher customer retention rates.

Warehouse Management system

Optimize your warehouse operations with ENTTAR's advanced WMS. Seamlessly manage inventory, track stock levels, and automate order fulfillment processes. Real-time monitoring and analytics enable efficient warehouse management, reducing operational costs and ensuring timely deliveries to your customers.

Content Management System

Create and manage engaging content effortlessly using ENTTAR's intuitive CMS. From dynamic web pages to product catalogs, our user-friendly system allows you to update content in real-time, ensuring your online presence is always fresh and captivating to your audience.

Marketing Automation

Unlock the power of automated marketing with ENTTAR. From personalized email campaigns to targeted promotions, our marketing automation tools help you reach the right audience at the right time. Improve lead nurturing, boost conversion rates, and enhance customer engagement for maximum marketing impact.

General Accounting

Keep your accounts in order with ENTTAR's General Accounting module. Efficiently manage accounts, payments & statements. ENTTAR's dashbord provised live reporting & insights on current stock and sales positions, and linked to your business accounting package, allows you to make informed financial decisions and ensure your business stays on the path to success.


ENTTAR is a powerful business platform designed for real-world usage, featuring optimized workflows and easy-to-use, set-and-forget automations. Discover the full potential of managing your business and tracking performance with ENTTAR's comprehensive platform.
Experience the convenience and efficiency of unified business management in one centralized solution.


We Understand Your Business

Originally built as an internal platform to support and optimize operations, ENTTAR has consistently demonstrated it's value and effectiveness in driving business growth and efficiency. With over 15 years of continuous development and refinement, ENTTAR has been shaped by the success of a prominent wholesale distribution business.

Now, we are excited to extend the advantages of ENTTAR to new clients, inviting you to share the benefits that ENTTAR provides. Our platform, built in a real-world setting, ensures that you are equipped with a solution that has been tried, tested, and perfected over time.

By choosing ENTTAR, you gain access to a comprehensive business management platform specifically designed for lean business teams. Our commitment to practicality and effectiveness drives us to continuously evolve and enhance ENTTAR to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses.

Unlock the potential of ENTTAR and experience the transformative impact it can have on your business. Join our community of successful clients who have elevated their operations with ENTTAR's powerful tools and features.

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Office Warehouse



Jal Milne


Chief Operating Officer
Jal has over 25 years experience as a director of a premium B2B wholesale business and its expansion into B2C.


George Walmsley


Chief Technical Officer
George has over 25 years experience in computer software design, developement, and real world usage.


Paola Milne


Chief Commercial Officer
Paola is a results-driven leader with 20+ years of experience guiding client-focused development for high-profile and strategic clients.

25+ Years Experience

15+ Years of Development

Happy Clients

Lasting Partnerships


Here are some of the great inbuilt features of our software that make it a must-have package for your business:

  • Commission Tracking:
      Easily set commission at multiple stages, including product, client, agent, and order source levels, simplifying sales partner management.
  • Combined Orders:
      Efficiently combine orders and separate products for indent, streamlining dispatch and reducing processing time.
  • Backorders and Pre-orders:
      Powerful Pre-Order and Backorder system for tracking product orders and arrival dates, ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Document Control:
      Control document distribution to specific recipients, such as dispatch slips, invoices, and orders, ensuring secure and organized information flow.
  • Contact Log - Activity Log:
      Track client interactions, emails, and follow-ups, enhancing customer service and relationship management.
  • Client Management:
      Track and manage clients effectively, linking users to addresses, roles, and buying groups for improved customer relationships.
  • Website Content Management:
      Offer VIP clients restricted catalog access, implement promotions, and provide a user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Inbuilt Website:
      Choose from three key configurations providing tailored experiences based strategic goals.
  • Client Access First:
      Empower clients with full account access through the inbuilt wholesale website, enabling self-management and efficient order processing.
  • Purchasing:
      Streamline purchasing processes with linked documents, container tracking, and accurate cost monitoring.
  • Drop Shipping:
      Activate drop shipping for specific clients, enabling them to sell your products through their site, with options for API integration and surcharges.
  • Returns & Credits:
      Streamline returns processing with automatic cross-checking of requests, simplifying credit tracking.
  • Kits and Assemblies:
      Create bundled product options with kits and assemblies, offering flexible selling strategies.
  • Bulk Pricing:
      Automatically apply pricing based on order quantity or date range, optimizing sales and promotions.
  • Stock Tracking and Multiple Warehouses:
      Efficiently manage inventory with stock history and multiple warehouse support, ensuring timely order fulfillment.
Customised Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Automated Reports
Customer Service
Customer Service
E2E Fulfillment
Job Tasking

Experience the power and convenience of these cutting-edge features by signing up for our software package today.
Take your business to new heights with ENTTAR and unlock its full potential!



Our Mission.

Our goal is to provide a complete & economical business management solution that bridges the divide between accounting packages, sales team platforms and warehouse management systems. ENTTAR, our innovative platform, is a cost-effective and scalable solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without the big enterprise cost. ENTTAR incorporates large-scale technologies and automations all into one platfrom, proven to reduce costs and overheads for SMEs, enabling greater profits.



Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Starter
  • 1-4 Full Users
  • 1-4 Lite Users
  • + Custom Setup
  • Bronze Support (Lifetime)
  • $ 140/user

    per Month
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  • Medium
  • 5-9 Full Users
  • 5-9 Lite Users
  • + Custom Setup
  • Bronze Support (Lifetime)
  • $ 85/user

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  • Pro
  • 10-19 Full Users
  • 10-19 Lite Users
  • 1/2 price Custom Setup
  • Gold Support (12 months)
  • $ 76.50/user

    per Month
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  • Premium
  • 20+ Full Users
  • 20+ Lite Users
  • inc Custom Setup
  • Platinum Support (12 months)
  • $ 59.00/user

    per month
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All plans include all inbuilt features.


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